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What Is Biohacking And What Can It Do For Me?

Biohacking—it encompasses a broad range of science and techniques, but here, we are going to keep it simple. It’s about understanding how your mind and body function, discovering what helps them function optimally, and developing specific habits to achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Do you feel like you are not the best possible version of yourself? Does it seem like your dreams and goals are just out of reach and that with a little bit of work, you would finally be capable of achieving them?

Chances are, you are right. What’s hard is knowing what changes to make and where. Biohacking focuses on self-improvement through verbal coaching and incremental lifestyle changes, which can result in dramatic changes in your mental and physical health.

Become the Scientist

You become the test subject and scientist while observing how your body works in every area of life—diet, sleep, exercise, and mentality. By learning how small actions affect you, you can adopt beneficial habits and wean out the harmful ones. 

Maximize Your Mind

By tuning into your thought processes, you can identify patterns that affect your energy and overall state of being. If you have a habit of criticizing yourself, you will have a negative attitude towards life. However, if you believe in yourself and feel empowered, you will exude a positive strength that can propel you to your goals. 

If you are mistreating yourself mentally, it is highly likely you are mistreating yourself in all the physical aspects of your life. You may find yourself eating junk food and then wondering why you did. You could work late, telling yourself that you’re being productive, when your body is crying for rest. 

With biohacking, you get in touch with your natural intuition—the innate wisdom that is always there, ready to guide you to optimal health. You slow down and focus on one thing at a time, so that you can understand how your body and mind work together. Once you are able to see and understand how you function, you can choose how you want to function. 

Sleep Better Than Ever

For example, it is impossible to get a good night’s sleep if your mind is racing. Of course, you can try using alcohol or medication to stop it, but that doesn’t lead to the healthy lifestyle that most people want. Wouldn’t it be better to learn techniques that calm your mind naturally? 

It could be as simple as a daily meditation practice or an after-dinner walk, or maybe listening to a favorite song. The beauty of biohacking is that it focuses on the individual that you are and highlights the strengths that you have inside. No two people are alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all technique that will work universally. 

Through one-on-one coaching, you can discover what really drives you in life. The goal is for you to drive through life, enjoying the sights along the way, not for life to drive you without a brake pedal.

Create Your Personal Diet Plan

By paying attention to how foods make you feel physically, and even mentally, you can build your own personal diet plan that satisfies and energizes you. Food is fuel, just like gas is fuel for your car. When you stop at a gas pump, do you get diesel if your car takes regular unleaded? No! The wrong fuel will damage your car.

Food is the same way. If you eat the wrong foods for your body, you will feel sick and lethargic. Without the proper nutrients, you won’t have the right “gas,” the energy to live your ideal life. On the other hand, if you find that certain foods actually make you feel stronger, healthier, and more alert, you have discovered a key to an optimal lifestyle.

Finally Enjoy Exercising

Exercise has been proven to have many physical and mental benefits. For some people, this may involve running three miles every morning. For others, it could be a calming yoga routine that increases flexibility and reduces joint pain. 

Unfortunately, exercise can cause many people to grimace, roll their eyes, and throw up their hands. It can seem like too much effort when they are already busy juggling a hundred other things in a day. 

However, let’s go back to a key concept of biohacking: incremental changes.

That means you don’t have to train for a marathon or do fifty push ups. Biohacking is a process of learning how you function and making small lifestyle changes. The more you understand about your mind and body, the more power you have to enact the changes you want. 

As you begin to treat yourself better mentally, you will naturally want to move in a way that makes your body feel good. Instead of a job or chore, exercise will be an act of kindness to your body. 

If running is too hard on your knees, but you crave speed and adrenaline, maybe biking is the answer. If you want time to reflect and take in your surroundings while exercising, walking is a wonderful activity.

The goal is to create the life you crave by doing the things that make you feel your best. 

Reach Your Full Potential

You may be thinking, “Ok, this sounds good. It sounds like something that I can do for myself, so why should I get help?”

Independence is admirable and can be beneficial at times. But it can also be detrimental if it prevents you from seeing the truth. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to identify an unhealthy habit when you consistently practice it. To you, it’s not a harmful habit. It’s normal living. 

Sometimes, it takes an outside person to see where something is not working. Think of it as someone who has a birds-eye view of your life, while you are busy trying to live it. This is where our method of biohacking comes in and helps you recognize what is holding you back from functioning in a healthy, balanced way. 

Final Thoughts

If you feel like a better life and a better you is possible but you don’t know how to make it happen, then biohacking could be the answer. Through in-depth coaching and small lifestyle changes, you can discover the power you possess to achieve your dreams.